Xloudia is a set of Image Recognition + Cloud Technologies for the Mobile industry. Xloudia offers high performance, high scalability and highly reliable plugins for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

Beyond the high-end technical plugin, and REST API, Xloudia’s offers an integrated dashboard from where operators manage their operations. Indeed, the next-generation commerce is built on a seamless technology flow with extreme attention to the user experience.

Discover Xloudia

Xloudia Imerico

The fastest large-scale image recognition service on smartphone. It can recognise a product within millions in 200 milliseconds.

Xloudia TV

TV program recognition with a smartphone. Engage your audience in an interactive experience.

Xloudia Color

Color recognition with the smartphone powers m-commerce smarter recommendations.

Xloudia Beacon

Engage customers when visiting brick and mortar stores with contextual messages on their smartphones.

Xloudia Lite

The packaged version of Xloudia Imerico for non-developers.

Xloudia Glass

The industrial application of Xloudia for wearables.

NEWXloudia Witness

Xloudia Witness collects shopper behavior analytics in real time, in stores, thanks to camera.

NEWXloudia Code

Xloudia Code is a QR and Bar code reader which seamlessly complements Imerico.